Nelson NKJV Wide Margin Bible

This Bible is an out of print Nelson Wide Margin in NKJV.

We have taken the old cheap cover off as well as the majority of the old mass-produced binding materials. We have rebound it with a fabric suede that covers not only the spine, but extends to cover the entire surface area of the Bible giving it much more surface area and far greater tensile strength. The binding won't split at the front and back covers like so many Bibles do. We have used higher quality glues and adhesives and covered it with a beautiful and rich full grain leather cover. It is stronger than it was right off the shelf and will last years and years.

The Bible itself is brand new and has never been used or marked in!

It is in high demand and has many outstanding features:

The Bible itself:

  • Large size: 9.5" tall, 7.75" wide, 2" thick.
  • Wide margins: Outside = 1.25" Inside = 1.2" Top = .25" Bottom = 1.45"
  • Center column references
  • Every verse starts at a new line so they are easier to find and reference.
  • Gilded edges.
  • Maps and concordance.

The cover and extras we have done:

  • Full grain leather cover that won't rip or tear. It will only get nicer as you handle it and your hand oils work into the leather causing it to gain a beautiful and unique patina.
  • Full flap with double swing clasps to keep the Bible closed, secure and protected.
  • Rebound page block for longer life and years and years of use.
  • New endleaf inside front and back covers.
  • 3 page marker ribbons.
  • Pen holder inside flap.
  • Hand stitching around the perimeter.

Cost: $337

SOLD. We have other Nelson wide margin Bibles available. Please call to discuss.


I have seen these Bibles on Amazon and other places for over $500. That is without being bound with better materials and a custom leather cover!

To order, please call us at 714-716-8233. We can take your payment over the phone and ship the Bible to you next business day.

Beautiful dark brown leather cover with a reddish hue

Double swing clasp closure

Pen holder from outside

Pen holder from inside - heavy duty elastic to accommodate a variety of pens, pencils or small highlighters.

New heavy-duty endleaf inside front cover

Linear verse references.

Center column verse references and helps

New heavy-duty endleaf at the back cover

3 extra-long built-in page markers

Unique style

Full flap to secure and protect page block

Hand stitching around perimeter

Back of Bible

NKJV Wide Margin Bible

Wide margins on every side of text area for notes

Lays flat