There are a few things we want to make clear before someone sends in a Bible:

  1. Thank you very much for considering us and taking the time to peruse our site!

  2. It will take ABOUT 6 weeks to complete an order (Not including shipping time). Depending on the volume of orders we are currently working on, your Bible may be done as quickly as 5 weeks or more than 6. This is not a guaranteed time. We can expedite the process and get it done in 2 weeks for a %20 expediting fee.

  3. We will not be re-using your old cover. We will be replacing it. We don't do little quick fixes. To properly fix and rebind a Bible, we need to take off the old cover, take down much, if not all, of the old mass-produced glues and inferior binding materials. We then apply higher quality materials such as a fabric suede that is of far greater tensile strength and covers the entire surface area of the Bible. We fix whatever loose pages there may be by hand before using superior quality adhering agents - all to give your Bible's binding a longer life. After all of that, your old cover will not fit back on, so you will get a beautiful top grain leather of your choosing directly adhered as the cover for your Bible. We preform this binding service even on new Bibles so they don't just fall apart in a few years. If you want the old cover back, just let us know and we can send it back with your newly rebound / recovered Bible. There may be other companies out there who will do a 'patch job' or re-use your old cover. If that is what you are looking for - please feel free to contact them.

  4. We want you to understand the cost and have some sort of an estimate before you send your Bible in. The average Bible costs about $150 to rebind/recover. But that is an average. Your cost will depend upon the size, condition and options you choose for your Bible. Each Bible is different and unique and so will be the price. The order form (link found below) is designed to give you an idea of how much it will cost to rebind/recover your Bible to your specifications.


HOW TO ORDER: (Please email us to be put on our wait list. When we have time to work on your Bible, we will contact you with an order form that you can fill out and send in with your Bible. We are controlling the number of Bibles coming into us so that if/when our house sells we can have all of the Bibles we are working on at that time finished and shipped back before we move)

  1. Please click on the "Order Form" link at the bottom of this page, print it and fill it out. Then include it with your Bible along with a $100 deposit check made to "Preserve The Word".          Please DO NOT staple your check to your order form. Paper clip or loose is ok - thank you!

  2. When packing up your Bible, please go through your Bible and take out ALL of the bookmarks, receipts, notes, photos, etc. that you would like to keep. We are not responsible for lost notes, mementos, etc. 

  3. Please pack your Bible well so that it won't get further damaged in shipping. We have received many Bibles that are simply placed in a box where they can bounce around the inside all the way to us. This will damage your Bible and may end up costing you more for us to fix it.


The Bibles on the left were not packed securely and so they jostled around durning the shipping process. They arrived more damaged than when they left the owner's care. Please fill all voids in the box you are using to ship. It doesn't have to be bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts. You can use free things like a bunch of plastic grocery sacks or newspaper.
 As long as the Bible(s) can't shift or move, use whatever you like.

Once we receive your Bible, we will call you, go over the options you have chosen and then proceed with the work. Once we are finished, we will give you a call to collect the balance due and then ship the Bible back to you.

We have 2 different shipping addresses depending on the shipper you use:

(Note: We have not been at the Anaheim address for 5+ years. Though that address is on some old business cards and brocures, please don't send your Bibles there.)

FED EX and UPS Address:

30999 Nob Hill Cir.

Running Springs, CA`


USPS Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 2543

Running Springs, CA


IMPORTANT! We need your name, address and phone # on the order form in with the Bible so we know who's Bible it is and how to contact you. If you don't include this information, we won't know who's Bible it is and it will have to wait until you contact us.


(Please note that UPS may say that the physical address is invalid or not in their system. It's because they use the USPS address verification system and USPS does not deliver to our physical address due to us living in a rural area. Just double check the address you have with the one above and tell UPS to send it anyway. They do know where we are and your Bible will get to us.)

Temporaraly Disabled. Please email us. Thank you!

Temporaraly Disabled. Please email us. Thank you!

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