While the Hand-Stitching looks beautiful, it is also very functional - making your Bible cover as secure as possible.

Though it looks machine done, we actually hand-hammer every hole through 3 layers (Endsheet, Fabric-Suede Binding, and Leather) then hand-stitch it with a heavy-duty thread using a figure 8 stitch throughout.

The color of thread is yours to choose.

The leather cover is secure on your Bible without the stitching. Though in the case of you choosing an oil-based hide (distressed), we do recommend the stitching as glues and oils don't mix well. We do try to take out as much of the oils out of the undercoat as much as possible before adhering the leather to the Bible and we have not had an issue with the oil-based distressed leahters coming off the Bibles, we still recommend, but don't require it.

Please click on the image below to see more examples of stitching that we have done.

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