Each and every Bible we do is one-of-a-kind and completely custom. We are more than willing to work with you and your ideas so your Bible can be preserved how you want it.


Basic Cost:

Includes: re-securing of binding, full-grain leather cover, choice of color and no flap style.



Extra Small - $90

Small (ie. Compact Bible) - $95-$100

Medium (ie. Slim Line) - $105-$110

Large (ie. Standard) - $115-$120

Ex-Large (ie. Study or Wide-Margin) - $125 and up

We determine the size of your Bible by the square inches of leather used.

For Bibles that fall below or above our chart, we will subtract or add $5 per 20 sq. inches.


Rebinding Cost: $25-50

Your Bible WILL require re-binding if it is coming apart at the binding OR is in pieces.

In extreem cases, Bibles take more than the standard rebind time. Hourly rate for additional work on individual pages and/or signatures in extreme cases - $40/hr.

Upon recieving your Bible, we will determine if your Bible is in need of a full rebind, half price rebind (if it's not in that bad of shape, but still needs work) or extra time/care.


Inserts (endsheets) - $20

The endsheets are the heavy-duty pages that are attached to the inside of the front and back covers. These are an integral part of the Bible.

If your Bible is a hardback, paperback, is missing the outer pages, they are in an irreparable state, or you would just like clean black endsheets, we can build new ones at the front and back of your Bible.


The following options such as Hand -stitching, Pen Holders, Ribbons, Pockets

and others are available to you in order to customize your Bible to your personal liking.

These are in addition to the Basic Cost


Full Hand Stitching -

By hand we hammer out each hole and then hand-stitch it with a figure 8 stitch all the way through the 3 layers that make up your cover using a double thread all the way around your perimeter.

The cost varies by the size of your Bible:

X-Small - $35

Small - $42.50-$45

Medium - $47.50-$50

Large - $52.50-$55

X-Large - $57.50 and up


Hand stitching on Straps - to compliment the perimeter stitching we can stitch a perimeter around the straps:

$15 per strap.


Ribbons - $2 per ribbon (Your choice of color).


Specialty clasps or closures - $10-$25

We have a variety of clasps and closures including, swing clasps, automatic turn latches and closures using no metal at all.


Custom Burn work - $40/hr.

We can take your idea, come up with a design and burn it on your Bible cover wherever you like.

$15 Minimum.


Pen Holder - $10

Hand stitched Heavy Duty braided elastic holder for your pen on the inside of the flap.


Inside suede Pockets - $20 for 1 / $40 for 2

Add suede pockets to the inside of the front and back covers of your bible.


Additional Blank Pages - $10 per set (1 sheet = 4 page face, 2 sheets = 8 page faces and 3 sheets = 12 page faces). 1 set consists of 4, 8 or 12 page faces - your choice.

Add blank pages to your Bible for extra notes! We build in the blank pages into the new binding. Starting with a extra large full sheets of paper, we fold it in half and hand-sew the sheet(s) into the suede rebind for maximum strength and durability. Add them to the front, back or both of your Bible.


Expiditing Fee: + %20 of your Bible's total cost

Can't wait 6 or so weeks for your Bible? We will rebind / repair and recover your Bible in 2 weeks - guaranteed. (2 week turnaround does not include shipping to of from us)

Preserve the Word: custom leather bible repair, rebinding and recovering service