We receive quite a few questions about rebinding, recovering and rebinding Bibles. If you have questions, please look through the FAQ to learn more. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Q: How long does it take to rebind / repair / recover a Bible?

A: It normally takes 5-6 weeks depending on the amount of work we have and what your Bible needs. This is not a completely firm time-frame. If you want/need your Bible back sooner, we offer an expedited service which will guarantee that your Bible will be done in 2 weeks. The cost for this service is %15 of the total cost of your Bible. These times do not include shipping times to and from us.


Q: How much does it cost to rebind / repair / recover my Bible?

A: Each Bible is custom and therefore unique. The cost average cost for rebinding / repairing / recovering a Bible is about $150-$175. However, it completely depends on the size, condition and what options you choose for your Bible. If you would like an estimate, please look at the "How to Order" link at the top of the page and the Order Form. This order form has all of the choices laid out with prices next to them, and is designed so you can get an estimate.


Q: Why does it cost so much to rebind / repair / recover a Bible?

A: My wife and I do all of the work ourselves by hand. We use the highest quality glues, binding materials and leather. The leather is not man-made or mass produced. We buy whole full-grain hides. A lot of the cost is wrapped up in the materials and the rest is for the time and expertise it takes (Please see our page on the process). We know it is an investment, but when you multiply it out over the amount of years your Bible will last it brings it into perspective. If your Bible is going to cost $200 and you can use it for even 10 more years (you will get more than that out of it) then it's only $20/year... That is the cost of 4 coffees...


Q: I could buy a new one for less than that. Why would I pay to have my Bible rebound / repaired / recovered?

A: Yes, one could buy a new Bible for less than what it would cost to rebind one. If that is what you would rather do, please do so. Most Bibles that people want to have fixed, they have had for years and were given to them by someone special. They have spent years and years in that particular Bible chronicling their journey with the Lord. They have marked up, taken notes and highlighted many passages and it's the Bible they know. The sentimental value is priceless and they don't want a new one. They want their 'friend'. In cases like this, it is worth it. If you don't have much invested in your Bible, it may make more sense to get a new one. Ours will just last about 5 times longer as a new Bible off the shelf.


Q: Do you rebind / recover new Bibles?

A: Yes, we work on quite a few new Bibles. Many people have them done for themselves so they have a Bible that they can start in and that will last years and years. Also many people have a new one done as a gift for someone else.


Q: Do you make slip-covers?

A: The only slip-covers we make are for journals. We do not recommend the use of slip covers as they will eventually destroy a Bible. Using a Bible case or slip-cover puts an stress on the spine that Bibles and their bindings were not created to withstand. They may protect the cover of your Bible, but they will destroy the binding. If you insist on using one, please don't put your Bible's covers in the pockets. Just put one cover in or neither.


Q: How does the whole process work having my Bible rebound / repaired / recovered?

A: Please see the 'How to order' page, fill out the "Order Form" and ship that form with your Bible. Once we receive your Bible, we will contact you to go over the options you have chosen to make sure we are on the same page. We will then get to work on your Bible. Once it is done, we will call you to collect the balance due and then we will ship your Bible back to you.


Q: How do I get my Bible to you to have it rebound / repaired / recovered?

A: We primarily deal with people shipping us their Bibles. Please see the 'How to Order' page for more info on this.


Q: Do you have a Guarantee?

A: Yes - we will fully guarantee all of the work that we do on your Bible. If you have a problem with it, just contact us and we will make it right.


Q: How can we pay for having a Bible rebound / repaired / recovered?

A: When sending in a Bible we generally require a $100 deposit check. When we are all finished with it, we will contact you for the balance due. You can pay for that with another check or we can take a credit card over the phone.


Q: Do you cut the spines of the Bibles you rebind / repair / recover? Will I loose my inside margins?

A: No, absolutely not. Some binders will cut the spines on Bibles to get a straight, even edge to glue. This will cause you to loose your inside margins and any notes you may have written there. Some binders will sew the pages together perpendicular to the spine - from the front of the Bible to the back and back to the front again. This will also cause you to loose your inside margins and the notes that may be there. Our approach is more time consuming, but much better for your Bible. We go through your Bible and fix the pages that need be and sew the loose signatures back in from the inside of the bible through the spine.


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